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Dragon 4 Cooperation 

Dragon is a cooperation between ESA and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the P.R. China. Starting in 2004, there have been 4 phases, each lasting 4 years. The latest and newest phase Dragon 4, commenced in July 2016 at the Wuhan Dragon 4 Kick-off Symposium and will be completed in 2020. The 4 cooperation phases are:

  1. Dragon 1 (2004 to 2008)
  2. Dragon 2 (2008 to 2012)
  3. Dragon 3 (2012 to 2016)
  4. Dragon 4 (2016 to 2020) 

Dragon 4 focuses on the scientific exploitation of ESA, ESA Third Party Missions, Copernicus Sentinels and Chinese EO data for geo-science and applications development. There are 8 topics including CAL / VAL that are addressing information provision for key societal issues facing Europe and China today. The new phase in the cooperation brings together 28 joint Sino-European teams to investigate these topics:


2018 Dragon e-brochure Dynamic web version

2018 Dragon e-brochure Download pdf

2018 Mid-term Results Symposium, Xi'an China 19 to 22 June 2018

2017 LAND Training, Kunming China

S1 SAR detects pre-landslide motion

1st GF-3 InSAR result, Shanghai