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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Bai, JianhuiLAGEO, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100029, ChinaA3-ID32271  Presenter
Bai, ShibiaoKey Laboratory of Virtual Geographic Environment,Ministry of Education,Nanjing Normal UniversityD3-ID32365
Bai, YuPolitecnico di Milano, Italy;
Wuhan University, China
D3-ID32278  Presenter
Balz, TimoLIESMARS ,Wuhan University, Wuhan, ChinaD3-ID32278, D3-ID32278, D3-ID32278  Presenter
Baohong, DingInstitute of Tibetan Plateau ResearchC4-ID32439
Beirle, SteffenMax Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, GermanyA3-ID32426
Bennartz, RalfSpace Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison, US;
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, US
A3-ID32426  Presenter
Berger, HenrickCollecte Localisation Satellite, FranceB4-ID31451
Bi, YaxinUlster University, United KingdomD2-ID32244  Presenter, D2-ID32244
Boesch, HartmutEarth Observation Scienfc Group, University of Leicester, United KingdomA3-ID32301  Presenter, A3-ID32301
Boesch, HartmutNational Centre for Earth Observation, Department of Physics and Astronomy,University of Leicester, Leicester, UKA3-ID32301, A3-ID32301
Bolch, TobiasDepartment of Geography, University of Zurich;
Institute for Cartography, Technische Universität Dresden
C3-ID32437, C3-ID32437, C3-ID32437  Presenter
Bonano, ManuelaIstituto per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell'Ambiente, CNR, 328 Diocleziano, I-80124 Napoli,D3-ID32294
Bouvet, MarcWave Interaction & Propagation Section (TEC-EEP), European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The NetherlandsA3-ID32426
Braga, FedericaCNR-ISMAR, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, ItalyB3-ID32249
Buono, AndreaUniversità di Napoli Parthenope, ItalyB3-ID32235  Presenter
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