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Session Overview
E3-ID32194: Crop Mapping
Wednesday, 28/Jun/2017:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Location: Room 207

Oral presentation

Crop mapping with the Chinese and European satellite data

Jinlong Fan1, Hao Gao1, Xiaoyu Zhang2, Lei Zhang2

1NSMC, China, People's Republic of; 2Ningxia Meteorological Science Institute, China, People's Republic of

The satellite data application in agricultural has a long history. The new
developments of satellite series in China and Europe are bringing new opportunities
to advance the agricultural monitoring with abundant satellite data. The Sentinel
and GF are both quite similar high resolution satellite series onboard European
and Chinese satellites, respectively. The Proba-V and FY3-MERSI both have quite
similar channels and their own advantages in the medium to low resolution
satellite. This project is going to focus on the crop mapping, crop condition
monitoring and crop drought monitoring with both satellite data. The Ningxia
Hui autonomous region, one of small size provinces in China, was selected as
the study area for the orchard and crop mapping study with GF and Sentinel
optical satellite data. The field survey was conducted in June, 2016 and will
be organized again in June this year. The GF satellite data were collected as
much as possible for the coverage of Ningxia in the growing season. The processing
method of GF data is now developing in order to automatically ingest large
volume data in the next step. The preliminary results will be hopefully presented
at the symposium. Another two major agricultural production areas in China, North
China Plain and Northeast China Plain were also selected for the crop
monitoring and crop mapping with both medium to low resolution satellite data. The
field surveys were conducted in summer 2016 and spring in 2017. The further
field surveys will be organized in summer this year. The relevant Proba-V satellite
data have been downloaded and a processing code was developed to extract the Proba-V
data for the area of interesting. The FY-MERSI process chain has been developed
in the past. The classification method is still in developing. Hopefully the
methods and the preliminary results may be reported at the symposium.


Orchard mapping in Ningxia with the high resolution Chinese satellite data

Xiaoyu Zhang1, Lei Zhang1, Shaojie Liu2,3, Hao Gao2, Jinlong Fan2

1Ningxia Meteorological Science Institute; 2NSMC, China, People's Republic of; 3University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Abstract: The orchard is developing very fast in Ningxia Hui autonomous region in Northwest China with the development of wine brewing Companies in recent year. Agrometeorological monitoring for the growth of grapes and other fruit trees is one of key process to identify the high quality fruit in the region but there is lack of the baseline map of orchard in Ningxia. This study aims at developing an orchard map in Ningxia in support of the agrometeorological service. The study collected high resolution GF satellite as much as possible which resolutions are around 8 t0 16 meters for multispectral bands. The decision tree was used to classify the images. All classified images were merged and finally an orchard map was formed. The validation was conducted with the field data.