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Dragon 4 Mid-term Symposium Papers and Proceedings (2016 to 2018)


** deadline for papers' submission extended to 15 October 2018 **

Within the framework of the Dragon 4 cooperation, NRSCC and ESA propose to publish the mid-term results as a special publication of the Journal of Remote Sensing. This call for papers concerns the lead and principal investigators of the 76 sub-projects that are investigating the use of ESA, Sentinels, Chinese and Third Party Mission EO data for environmental monitoring.

For further information on the Journal of Remote Sensing see:

The co-authored papers will provide the project teams’ results after 2 years of research at the mid term stage of the Dragon 4 collaboration programme. The proceedings will be available to all Dragon 4 cooperation investigators and will be made accessible on-line and as printed proceedings. A team of independent Chinese and European remote sensing experts will be appointed by the Dragon 4 cooperation programme coordinators to undertake a scientific review of the papers. 

Production costs and eligibility of authors
1 joint paper per Dragon 4 sub-project may be submitted by either the European or Chinese lead or principal investigators. There will be no direct costs for paper submission by an author or co-author(s) of a paper. All of the production costs will be met by ESA and NRSCC. Each paper must be submitted by either a European or Chinese Dragon 4 scientist as the 1st  author. The list of eligible Dragon 4 projects and scientists is provided here.

The papers will focus on the 76 sub-projects covering the exploitation of ESA, Sentinels, TPM and Chinese EO data during the life-time of the Dragon 4 Programme.

Guidelines for Submission
Papers must be submitted using the template for papers’ submission. Please see the detailed guidelines for formats, fonts, titles, figure and table numbering and referencing. All papers must be submitted by 1 September 2018 to the Dragon Beijing office attention of:
Prof. Gao Zhihai
Email: dragon_caf@163.com

• This call for papers is open from:  6 July 2018
• Papers must be submitted by:  15 October 2018
• Editorial and scientific review: From 16 October 2018
• Printing:  From 1 December 2018 (2.5 months)
• Publication:  By 31 January 2019.